Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems Started Beginning Pop Up


The Galaxy S8 is off to a flying start, but there are some issues with
the phone that might impact your overall experience. Some issues can
be fixed with software update, including the red display tint and the
WI-Fi connectivity issues. Others might be more problematic, such as
wireless charging problems and random reboots.
A number of early adopters are reporting issues with the S8's screen
suffering from a strange red-tint. Samsung has now acknowledged the
issue and is rolling out an urgent fix for the problem.

Speaking to The Korea Herald, a Samsung spokesperson said:
“Because there are some complaints about the red-tinted screens, we
decided to update the software next week for all Galaxy S8 clients.”
They added: “We will upgrade the software because of some
dissatisfied customers although there is no problem with the phone
Another Issue in S8 reported by user was Fingerprint scanner placed
near Rear camera.
"Samsung was forced to move its security sensor. So the Korean
Technology Designers has placed it near rear camera lens".
Scanner near to camera there could be tendency to get fingerprints on
all over the lens.
As users set up the fingerprint authentication, a note will pop up in the
camera app explaining that “A clean lens makes for better shots.
Clean your camera lens to keep taking better pictures.”
A Galaxy S8 owner uploaded a photo on a Korean forum on Monday
showing a burn-in on the screen after just one week of use. According
to The Korea Herald, the burn-in appeared in the lower part of the
screen where the pressure-sensitive soft key is built-in.
There is iris/facial recognition on the S8 but early reviews have
suggested this form of unlocking the device isn't totally reliable.

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