Market King: Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone 8.

Market King: Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone 8.

Battle between Samsung and the iPhone has been going on for years now. Their competition is neck to neck and both of the companies are ruling the cell phone market. More than 30% of cellphone users around the globe now use either Samsung or iPhone. 

Both companies have tried to give their best. Sometimes Samsung has become the ruling company in Market or at some place it has been in second place. The competition is getting more tuff and tuff as both companies are coming with new releases.

Now let’s see which one will rule the market, Samsung S9 or iPhone 8???

If you are a fan of OLED, you should know that the next iPhone will surely have OLED technology in it. Unfortunately, Samsung is the one who will be supplying these OLED displays to iPhone as they are the official display supplier of iPhone for a long time now.

Now, what we know about S9 As we can say, We have already seen that with the Galaxy S8 which has been appreciated all over the world due to the brilliant design of the display.

It has been rumored for the S9 that Samsung is planning to bring 4K technology but already we have this technology in S8, If Samsung comes with more resolution boosts from inside than Samsung will definitely win the display battle over iPhone.

Like the iPhone, Samsung will have two different Versions with the same model with different sizes. Many people however didn’t like the news of two different options. According to them, Samsung should always have one universal size for everyone as that makes this brand different from their competition. 

At last, this battle is going to be very interesting and we do not know who will win it. As Samsung will announce their unit ahead of iPhone, we will definitely know who becomes the winner before this time, next year.

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